Hearts & WiFi: Part 1

Fiona blindly tried to switch on her phone from beneath her plush throw and groaned at the time. It felt like Friday, but of course, it was only Tuesday and she had spent a lot more time chasing a client deadline than she normally cared to. She had fallen asleep on the chaise part of … Continue reading Hearts & WiFi: Part 1


Life, As Told By Sara (Chapter 6)

I want to live the rest of this life the way I want it to be lived. 

Life, As Told By Sara (Chapter 2)

March 29th, 2018. 10:30 PM I stood at the entrance to the guest bathroom covered in sweat and my short hair tied up in a mess on the top of my head and rocking a sports bra and leggings on my far-from-athletic body. Our cat, Bear, had made a total mess of it while she … Continue reading Life, As Told By Sara (Chapter 2)

Life, as told by Sara (Chapter 1)

Here I sit. It's a really nice day out, and I'm afraid to even open the curtains. I'm back in that crippling pit of anxiety, and I am not sure how to get out of it. But I really need to go to the vet that is a 6-minute walk away and I'm afraid to … Continue reading Life, as told by Sara (Chapter 1)

Character Backgrounds- Possible Spoilers!

Allen Hardison Thursday- narcissistic, dry sense of humor, misogynist, ego-driven. While he appears to work hard, he tends to do it on the backs of others. Lerone James- sleepy, unmotivated, musically gifted, incredibly attractive but not at all interested in commitment. Sees people as entertainment or conquests and loves to pick them apart before he … Continue reading Character Backgrounds- Possible Spoilers!