Why you should consider MeWe as a Facebook alternative.

I love Facebook. I really do. But what I’m not loving is how much content I don’t like is being jammed in my feed. The ads for sexually suggestive games and weight loss, the fake news, the grossly objectifying videos of women. I feel like I’m sifting through trash.

While checking out a documentary on veganism I noticed their sponsor plug at the beginning. They mentioned that MeWe, in short, was like an alternative social media platform without ads and the creepy spying thing Facebook does.

So I signed up and took a look around. While Facebook has groups and could build a sense of community, I could specifically create or subscribe to chat groups that suited my interest. My feeds were uncluttered with posts from the different communities I was part of. There truly wasn’t a single ad.

I also love that the groups that I’m in are well moderated. People had conversations I found to be very interesting. I didn’t think about checking my Facebook feed much today. It’s too exhausting.

Facebook is entering a period of slow death for me when it comes to where I feel like engaging people with a conversation online. MeWe is a platform that will truly take an approach to social media that I personally enjoy. It’s almost like the grown-up version of the AOL chat rooms I used to join when I was new to the internet. I had an online space that I truly enjoy again.

It takes a long time for something like Facebook to die out, but it’s so polluted with ads and Spyware that it’s taken the joy out of perusing my feeds. I still use it. I still love it for what it is. I still support it for the awesome professional advantages. But I’ve fallen out of love with it.

I could also see this being a more liberated option for people that are part of gaming communities that use an alias- an issue Facebook hasn’t found a resonable solution for.

No hard feelings, Facebook, but I’m seeing MeWe on the side. I hope you understand.


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