Why I quit ghostwriting.

Listen, I love to write. I am not the best at it and I would love to refine my craft. Writing is a big part of my professional shift now.

At first, I loved the idea of taking up some clients as a ghostwriter and even advertised my services for it. I started to get requests every day. But I will no longer lower my standards again to ghostwrite for another client. I took my listings down.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the work I was able to obtain as a ghostwriter but I ran across a listing today that made me upset for a few reasons. It also made me take a new look at what my time is worth.

I can’t even begin to excuse that rate per word. 80k words for $150? What a massive waste of my time. I don’t even care if I offend someone. If you think that $150 is appropriate for an 80k word piece that you also want full rights to, then you are part of the problem.

We are in a very content-driven digital age where people are consuming volumes of information every day from television and devices. There is a substantial amount of literature, in particular, carrying the names of the people that pay for their content via freelancing platforms.

The very least they can do is pay a fair rate or stay out of the market. It saddens me to realize there are ghostwriters hungry enough that they’ll take these time-consuming scraps when they would rather hold out for self-publishing or finding opportunities for better pay.

Hell, start your own blog. Invest that energy elsewhere. Don’t get sucked I to this cheap labor scheme that many companies are sucking talented writers into.

Anyway, back to writing for ME. I certainly don’t want to put any more work out there that I won’t be proud of. It’s time to end that toxic relationship with literary leeches.



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3 thoughts on “Why I quit ghostwriting.

  1. Yes, 80k words for $150 is absurd! I don’t have any experience ghostwriting fiction, but as a copywriter for businesses (which is a form of ghostwriting since my name doesn’t appear on the sales copy), I have found excellent clients who treat me with respect and are willing to pay me fair rates. My hunch is that business owners understand that hiring writers is an investment and how much they invest is proportional to how much they get in return, unlike a writer hiring another writer as a ghostwriter. Of course, I’ve also met my fair share of those in the copywriting industry who’ve tried to nickel and dime me, weasel their way out of paying me for my time and work, or treat me like dirt. Like you, these experiences are one of my motivations to write for myself and keep all the profits (and get the recognition I deserve)!

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    1. It’s rampant on a lot of freelancing platforms. We all know content creators are rapidly becoming a force to be reckoned with. I just hope people stop encouraging these horribly low rates and have some standards so potential clients raise theirs as well.

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      1. Totally! I’ve found that in creative fields like writing and filmmaking, companies take advantage of the fact that these are competitive fields and so many people are eager to break into the industry. When I was just starting out, I would also take on jobs with terribly low pay out of a combination of naivety and desperation. I quickly learned that it wasn’t worth it. Now when it comes to those types of gigs, I just say no!

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