Weaponized Death. (NSFW)

You're going to die alone.


Starting a business with a cause.

I've finally gotten around to finalizing a business plan for a company I've been longing to start, and now the time has come to hit the crowdfunding circuit. Skinner's Gourmet Sauces has been my baby, my strain and my inspiration as I mulled over a beautiful business model that will help me lead an ethical, … Continue reading Starting a business with a cause.

Why you should consider MeWe as a Facebook alternative.

I love Facebook. I really do. But what I'm not loving is how much content I don't like is being jammed in my feed. The ads for sexually suggestive games and weight loss, the fake news, the grossly objectifying videos of women. I feel like I'm sifting through trash. While checking out a documentary on … Continue reading Why you should consider MeWe as a Facebook alternative.

What becoming an unexpectant mother taught me about self-care.

Having a newborn in your home full-time when you weren't exactly planning on having one is a jolt to your reality.

A Letter To My Daughter

I wrote this a long while ago with the anticipation of giving it to a child of my own one day when the time was right. Right now, I’m a stepmom of two teens and foster mom to a newborn, so they’re at very different stages of their lives and I would love to also share it with them.

Change is guaranteed.

I haven’t been the best wife and partner, honestly. And this is the story about how I’m going to change that.